Great Grandmaster Kyo Yoon Lee (1929-2017) certified 10th Dan (degree) black belt, contributed greatly in his long history dedicated to promoting and establishing Taekwondo around the world.

Great Grandmaster Kyo Yoon Lee was a student of Chosun Yunmookwan, learning from its founder, Sang Sup Chun.

Great Grandmaster Lee founded Hanmookwan in August of 1954, and it is one of the eight (8) original kwans of Korea.

The original kwans were combined to form the Korean Taekwondo Association in 1961.  This was followed by the establishment of the World Taekwondo Federation in 1972, now called World Taekwondo. World Taekwondo is headquartered by the Kukkiwon in Seoul, South Korea.

Before his death in May 12, 2017, Great Grandmaster Lee appointed Great Grandmaster In Hui Won to be his successor as World Taekwondo Hanmookwan Federation President.

For many years, Great Grandmaster Won served as World Taekwondo Hanmookwan Federation Secretary and US Taekwondo Hanmookwan Association President.  During this time, he maintained close ties with Great Grandmaster Lee who regularly attended tournaments and presided over promotional testings in the United States.

The following is from Kyo Yoon Lee’s book, Global Taekwondo, published in 2010.


July 20, 1953 Founded the Taekwondo Division at Hankook Gymnasium

July 1953 First Instructor for Taekwondo Division of CIC the United States Army

July 1953 First Instructor for Taekwondo Division of Korea University

Aug 1954 Founded Central Gymnasium of Taekwondo Hanmookwan (Hanmoo School of Martial Art Taekwondo)

June 1955 First Instructor of Taekwondo Division of Yonsei University

Oct 1960 First Instructor for Taekwondo Division of Seoul Metropolitan Police

Mar 1961 Member of Board of Directors, Korea Taekwondo Association

Jan 1973 Chairman of Subcommittee for Reward and Discipline, Korea Taekwondo Association

May 1973 Head of Korean national team for First World Taekwondo Championship

Jan 1974 Chairman of Subcommittee for Overseas Dispatch of Instructors, Korea Taekwondo Association

Jan 1975 Chairman of Subcommittee for Referee, Korea Taekwondo Association

Jan 1976 Chairman of competition, Korea Taekwondo Association

Jan 1977 Vice-Chairman of Technical Council of Korea Taekwondo Association

Sep 1977 Head of Korean national team for Third World Taekwondo Championships

Dec 1977 Conferred “Korea Athletic Decoration”

Mar 1979 Vice-Chairman of Technical Council, KTA

June 1982 Seoul City Taekwondo Association

June 1983 Vice-President of KTA

Nov 1984 Head of Korean Players Delegation touring in Latin America for Goodwill Taekwondo Competitions

Jan 1987 Member of Advisory Council, Seoul City Taekwondo Association

Mar 2004 Member of Test Commission for High Dan Blackbelts, Kukkiwon

Mar 2005 Member of Kukkiwon Advisory Committee

Mar 2006 Advisor of Kukkiwon Highest Dan Association


May 25 1965 Taesoodo Text Book for Million Taesoodo Members

Apr 25 1969 Taekwondo Text Book for Million Taekwondo Members

Apr 30 1971 Taekwondo Text Book-Easy to Understand

Dec 25, 1993 Taekwondo Text Book in Korean and English

Dec 10, 1994 Taekwondo Text Book

Jun 30, 1996 Guideline of Taekwondo

Nov 20, 1996 Standard Taekwondo Text Book

Dec 5, 1996 A Guide to Taekwondo

Apr 10, 2002 Global Taekwondo Text Book (Vol 1)

Sep 20, 2008 Global Taekwondo Text Book (Vol 2)

Feb 20, 2010 Global Taekwondo English Text Book